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We recognise that it is important for learners and staff at Kincorth Academyto have the opportunity to work and learn with people from outwith the school. Kincorth Academy has developed a good business partnership link with Petrofac and school staff meet with staff from Petrofac on a regular basis to plan for how the two organisations can be of benefit to each other.     Over the 14 years of the partnership, pupils have benefited from Petrofac through business games, pupil mentoring, work experience and the provision of a multi-purpose sports facility.

Our second business partnership, which was established in 2009, is with the international accounting firm Ernst & Young.      Staff from Ernst & Young also plan with us how both school and company can benefit from each other.

We have a link with School 71 in Gomel,Belarus, one of Aberdeen’s twin cities.   This exchange has allowed young people from Gomel and Kincorth to visit each other’s countries and schools and live in each other’s homes.

We have strengthened our link with Peru through our work with the Vine Trust.     Since 2005, groups of senior students and staff travelled to Peru to work with street children and experience a way of life very different to our own.   We hope to continue to offer this opportunity on alternate years so that every S5 and S6 pupil has the chance to opt into this once during their senior years.     A trip is planned for June 2014.

Kincorth Academy benefits from many more informal partnerships and promotes work in this area to encourage young people to grow as responsible citizens.

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