1. Mike Paul

    SQA Exams

    Please find copies of letters sent home last week regarding SQA exams for S4-6 pupils below Letter for Parents – Transport Letter for Parents
  2. Mike Paul

    Design the new Lochside Academy badge

    Please see the link below for the design brief for the badge for the new Lochside Academy.  Your chance to influence the design.  All returns to the school office before the end of Tuesday 28th March.  Make sure names and classes are clearly written. badge design brief
  3. Mike Paul


    Local Council elections take place in May.  All 16 and 17 year olds are eligible to vote – please make sure you are registered. For more information see the following websites and leaflets http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/lg2017/ http://www.cosla.gov.uk/council/aberdeen-city-council http://www.gov.scot/ http://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/higher/modern/uk_gov_politics/gov_sco/revision/2/ http://www.electoralcommission. Poster 1 Leaflet v2
  4. Mike Paul

    Parent Council minutes – 30 January

    Please find minutes of the last meeting of the Parent Council below. Minutes of meeting January 2017 The next Parent Council meeting will be a joint meeting with Torry Academy for an update on Lochside Academy with Mr Euan Couperwhite, Head of Policy, Performance and Resources.  Mr Hendry, HT of...
  5. Mike Paul

    Choice sheet

    Senior phase course choice sheets are now available.  Current S3 pupils should have paper copies and will be interviewed by their guidance teacher before the deadline of 10 February.  Please make sure the forms are handed in on time. Current S4 and S5 pupils will be issued with choice forms...
  6. Mike Paul

    Prelim Timetable

    Please find below he Prelim timetable.  Classes will be suspended from Monday 30 January to Tuesday 7 February inclusive. Classes will resume as normal on Wednesday 8 February. Prelim Timetable 2017
  7. Mike Paul

    Parent Council minutes

    Please find a link below to the minutes of the December meeting of the Parent Council.  The next meeting is on Monday 30 January at 7pm in the school.  The Parent Council is a formal body that meets in an informal setting and allows parents to have their voice heard...

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