1. Mike Paul

    Senior Phase Course Choice information

    Pupils will soon be choosing courses for S4-6 in 2017-18.  Please find links to course choice information for school courses and for City Campus courses held at various Aberdeen City Schools, NESCol and RGU. Kincorth Academy Senior Phase Curriculum booklet City Campus Course Choice 2017-18 1
  2. Mike Paul

    Parent Handbook 2016-17

    Please find below a link to the new Parent Handbook.  Paper copies will be available on request from the school office in the New Year. Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year. prospectus-with-pictures-15-12-16
  3. Mike Paul

    Adverse Weather information

    The weather at the moment is incredibly mild with no hint of snow, but the new year may bring different conditions and we need to be prepared for this.  Below you will find a link to all the information you will need about school opening if the weather deteriorates.  We...

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