Head Teacher’s Address

Welcome Address by the Head Teacher

Welcome to the new and improved Kincorth Academy website. Over the next few weeks we hope you will see the site continue to evolve to become more informative, accessible and attractive. If there are items you would wish to see included on the site, please contact the school and we will do our best to add these.

Kincorth Academy is a 6 year comprehensive school that has served the communities of Kincorth, Cove, Nigg and Redmoss since 1971. Since my arrival in September 2016 the whole school community has worked together to ensure young people have the chance to succeed. The values of aspiration, effort, resilience and respect are instilled to help pupils become the effective contributors, responsible citizens, confident individuals and successful learners we all want them to be. I have been impressed by the resilient attitude of pupils and staff since my arrival and thoroughly enjoy working with the whole school community.

We have an active and strong Parent Council that has worked hard to support the school and is not afraid to hold the school to account. I thank them for all their hard work and would encourage more parents to join them in their work. Parental engagement is important in ensuring we are getting it right for the young people and the community we serve and we always welcome feedback so that we can continue to improve our service.
The hard work of staff and pupils has been recognised by Education Scotland when they visited for their follow through Inspection in February/March. When they fed back to our Director of Education, Gayle Gorman, they were complimentary of the articulate pupils we have who were ready and willing to talk about their experiences; commented on the professionalism and team spirit demonstrated by staff; and they were particularly impressed with the positive ethos of the school.

We now want to use this to continue to improve as we are about to begin the final year of Kincorth Academy. In August 2018 we will merge with Torry Academy to form Lochside Academy. We are working alongside our partners in Torry and across all the primary schools, and with Mr Hendry the new Head Teacher) to ensure that the tranisition to an new, purpose built, state of the art facility is a success.

Thank you for finding out about Kincorth Academy and we look forward to your feedback.

Graham Blance
Head Teacher
February 2018