Norwegian Visitors

Please click for the Bodil – Skottland article

Our students were very satisfied with the trip. They say they have learned a lot, and I have also been contacted by a number of parents saying the same thing. So thank you very much for hosting us this year too.

A quick translation – the article says that the Norwegians were met by four nice and very clever Scottish students, that they took part in various classes (drama and music classes are mentioned in particular), and that they feel there are certain differences between schools in Norway and Scotland, for example school uniforms. They also thought the visit to the University of Aberdeen was both interesting and enjoyable, and they might return in order to study in the future.

Finally, once again thank you for hosting us, and I hope we will have the opportunity to visit Kinkorth in the future. And we all thought your students did a wonderful job.


Best regards

Vidar Nygard