People and Partnership

The development and promotion of partnerships:

Our partnerships have developed in line with our school’s vision. Most partners understand and appreciate the different contexts in which we work and value the range of expertise our learners can benefit from.

Partners such as Petrofac, SHMU, SDS, Career Ready and Aspire invest significant time and energy to establish and build positive sustainable relationships. Engagement and communication between partners and the school is largely structured, regular and supportive.

All partners are becoming clearer about their roles, responsibilities and contributions and demonstrate high levels of commitment to improving outcomes for all learners.

Collaborative learning and improvement:

We work relatively effectively to plan, deliver and evaluate joint projects. Our partnership working is strengthening leadership at all levels within our school and for our partners.


Impact on learners:

Through effective partnership, we have improved our learning provision and secured positive impacts for some young people.

Our partnerships have had limited success in increasing parental engagement in their children’s learning.

Partners’ involvement has had a positive impact on raising attainment and our learners have access to an extended range of learning pathways through which they are developing skills for learning, life and work and securing positive destinations.