S3 Girls Visit Women’s Network @ Shell

The Women’s Network @ Shell hosted a Career’s Roadshow for Kincorth Academy S3 girls at  at Shell Tullos on 4th September.   In addition to getting to see and touch real practical models, watch practical 3D movies and have a chance to see examples of what “a day in the life of” subsurface, operations and processing, downstream, retail, aviation and support functions in the business might look like; the girls also had the opportunity to participate in speed networking with young role models, including girls on the Girls in Energy programme; girls studying for an engineering HND; technicians following the OPITO training programme; young people working at Shell who are also studying further education on a part time basis; interns at Shell and graduates on Shell’s graduate programme as well as other role models working in the organisation. With this opportunity, the students have come a long way from thinking you have to be “a big bloke in a boiler suit” to work in the energy industry and were thrilled to find out about the various routes they could take into an exciting career.

Following the huge success of the Careers roadshow, Shell are offering four of the girls one week of work experience in November. This is to be based on the format used for the structured “Girls in Energy” work experience programme. The pilot will culminate with a speed Networking opportunity for all of the girls and their parents.

wn at shell picture