Senior Leadership Team


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Name Position
Mr Graham Blance Acting Head Teacher
Mrs Susanne Henderson Depute Head Teacher
Mrs Iona Reid Acting Depute Head Teacher
Mrs Elizabeth Gilbert Acting Depute Head Teacher

The School Leadership Team, (SLT), leads all developments and improvements within the school to ensure excellent teaching, learning, support and care for each pupil.

The Head Teacher and Depute Head Teachers have a reduced teaching commitment to fulfil this role.

Acting Head Teacher, Mr Graham Blance:

Aim – meeting the challenges of today and the future with a positive attitude as responsible citizens in any community Journey to Excellence Broad Area – Vision & Leadership.

Acting Depute Head Teacher, Mrs Iona Reid:

Aim – challenging and motivating us to develop the knowledge and skills we need to achieve our full potential as successful learners Journey to Excellence Broad Area – Learning & Teaching.


Acting Depute Head Teacher, Mrs Elizabeth Gilbert:

Aim – developing confident individuals in a safe, caring and healthy environment Journey to Excellence Broad Area – Culture & Ethos.

Depute Head Teacher, Mrs Susanne Henderson:

Aim – valuing, respecting and empowering all of us to contribute effectively Journey to Excellence Broad Areas – Partnership and People.