Targeted Support Team

Pupil Support Staff



Miss Irene Stove Principal Teacher
Mrs Maureen Gordon ASN Teacher
Mrs Helen Celnik ASN Teacher (part-time)
Mrs Mary Molloy ASN Teacher
Mrs Gemma Smith ASN Teacher (part-time)
Mrs M Forbes ASN Teacher (part-time)
Mr Aaron Osardu ASN Teacher (part-time)
Miss Kathy Rapley ASN Teacher

Additional Support Needs – A Definition.

The majority of children and young people are able to access the curriculum without the need of additional help other than that which would ordinarily be available in the classroom by the class teacher.  This is known as Universal Support.

A child or young person requiring planned extra support to allow them to better engage in their learning has ‘additional support needs’ and will require some Targeted Support.


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Supporting Learners at Kincorth Academy

Universal Support is given to all of our Learners from class teachers, their house teacher and the PT Pupil Support for their House.  House Teachers register attendance daily and hold learning conversations with their pupils.

Targeted Support is planned through weekly house meetings chaired by the House DHT and attended by PT Pupil Support, PT SfL, the House SFL Teacher & the Educational Psychologist.

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Jyden, The Bird Rescuer of the Day.

Jyden Kinnaird, on Monday the 12th of June 2017, organised to save a crow which was found in a devastated condition at Kincorth Academy. The bird was found unable to fly due to injury it had sustained after a suspected attack by seagull and magpie.

Mrs Mary Molloy gave guidance and instruction as to how the bird could be saved. Jyden, based on the instruction, researched from the internet for the phone number of SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  Jyden then made a phone call to SSPCA and narrated the injured bird incident to them. The SSPCA upon hearing from Jyden, gave him a number to call for the bird to be rescued.

After about 10 minutes of calling that phone number, SSPCA Officer came to finally rescue the crow. The Officer examined the bird and identified leg and head injuries. The Officer thanked Jyden for his assistance in rescuing the bird and advised that any time pupils and staff find animals in cruelty or distress, and unattended, they should call 03000 999 999 for an immediate rescue.

By Nurture Group, SfL Department.